Friday, September 02, 2011

lord of the battlefield, tusken raider, and a sad cat

One of the hardest parts of painting to me is going from a quick sketch to a final piece and keeping any kind of life in it.  It is why half my oil paintings are still drippy with turps and my harddrive is full of stuff I will never tighten up.  This was a lunch sketch that I tried to bring around to a more final state.  I will get it there someday

An activity on cghub was to redesign something from star wars.  I always liked the simple design of the tusken raiders and decided to sketch up my version.

Lastly, another piece in the ongoing saga of molly the cat.  When we adopted her all we were told was that she was found under a bridge.  This is my interpretation of her world at that time.

Here's to a great labor day weekend!


Anonymous said...

She is so blessed to have found you and Megan to adopt her. You captured Molly's possible feelings about being under the bridge. Good work - Molly's eyes must be more relaxed by now. sd

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

that raider is FUUUN.

aisha said...

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Love the raider btw

Luke said...

Tuscan Raiders are awesome! Check out my bog and follow me!

Alethea Pape said...

I love Molly! I like your paintings, too! I'm a writer looking for some dragon paintings.