Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First time for everything

I knew it was going to be an interesting year when 2011 rolled around.  So far it has included a 1,300 mile move to the west coast, putting out a game that I worked on for over 2 years, a cat that runs my life, and now moving on to a new job after 3 years with the old one.  It was a great ride,  I am grateful for all I learned and the people I met and worked with.  Lots of memories.  It is just crazy what can happen in a year.

With all this transition, I have taken some time off and am exploring the bay area. I will have some drawings and paintings from the last week soon.  For now I have a compilation of before bed sketches from a couple weeks ago and some studies.

These are two studies that I did on my first day off from the old job.   I really started to dislike how "digital" my work was becoming.  It has a lot to do with needing to get things done quickly on the job and depending on photoshop tricks to carry some of the load.  These were approached much more traditionally and am trying to drill that back into my head. 

I am working on a couple pieces with this in mind, hopefully will share those later this week.

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