Sunday, May 08, 2011

... san francisco 2011 ...

One week I lived in Colorado and the next week I am living in California.  Things became a little bit uprooted and transplanted but now that things are getting settled out here I hope to get back in the groove of updating. 

I have hoped to live on the west coast as long as I can remember and after taking out earthquake insurance, I am extremely excited to be out here.  Over the weekend we checked out the Palace of Fine Arts.  The scale of it is just incredible.

To make sure there is some artwork, this is something I am hoping to get some time to bring to final.  It is part of a side project I am working on with an old friend of mine.


Adam Tamte Volker said...

dude! I just heard about your big move a little bit ago through the grapevine. Congrats! I hope you find the sea breeze of the coast more to your liking.


Nate Storm said...

neat-o Dalluhn-

If you haven't checked out the legion of honor (art museum) yet, you definitely need to. It's one of my favorite museums of all time.