Wednesday, February 02, 2011

first post of an interesting year

To start things off I have to say it is going to be a fun year.  Lots of ideas floating around and resolutions to be made whole.  The most interesting thing to kick off so far has been the game I have been working on for 2 years or so is slowly making its way out seclusion.  It has been an intense ride with many ups and downs but I am proud of what we have created and can also honestly say you can't move an inch in the game without seeing something I had my hand in.  Closed Beta started today!

You can check that out at

And a press release and video is here .

 On another note, since I have been so busy with work for the last couple months I thought I would share a couple things I wouldn't normally show.  At work, each new tileset and environment we create has a pretty strict color palette and defined lighting situation.  It gets so ingrained in my head that it becomes like math and the creative color solutions run away, so most nights during the week I will pull up an old master painting, a film still, or other such thing, and do series of 5-10 minute color studies followed by a couple with no ref. 

I know I can render something to death but this frees me up to new palettes and solutions, I get to mess with new brushes and it really re-energizes me to see things differently.  I couldn't care less if they are good or not it is just new information to work with.

Then there are other times throughout the year where I am working on something and I get stuck or frustrated and I created a folder of studies.  This is a small selection of sketches I did to either loosen up or a study I did to help myself with something I didn't understand.  There are a lot more where this came from and it is interesting for me to see what I was needing to see or sketch at the time.

(jpeg broke)

Here's to a great 2011!


joto said...

I like that Idea. I will have to try that out. Its been awhile old fundies pal. Glad to see you keeping up the painting. My resolution is to paint more thanks for the inspiration. All the best in the new year.

Nick Thornborrow said...

Holy cow your blog is white now!

Matt, I really love those colour studies. Really refreshing palettes.

Hope all is well with you!

Emy said...

Your sketches are good.You really have a nice talent