Monday, December 13, 2010

dungeon delving bonanza

This was a piece done for the ol' artorder blog, they were running a competition that was supposed to show a character with a lantern stuck in a dungeon. That is what spawned the idea for this poor s.o.b. The poor guy has a knife pieced together with rope and some of the crappiest gear that dungeons and dragons has ever seen. I would re-roll.

Anyway, he has just realized he has passed this same spot about 50 times and might never make his way out of the labyrinth.

I have never really posted process work so here was some of the process for this one.

This is the junky greyscale I did that got across the elements I would want in the final.   un-badass rogue being towered over by a deep cavernous abandoned underground keep.

keep it loose and then lower the opacity and do a tighter line drawing that more defined the character and structures.  I always want to jump to throwing around color and making a mess but this step is important.  I don't like getting too tight or I start depending on the lines rather than the shapes at some point.

Thanks for checking in!

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McLean Kendree said...

Nice man, this is one of my favorites of yours yet, maybe your most fully-realized illo imo.