Saturday, April 04, 2009

The company dime

Well, I am fresh back from my first business trip. I had a blast down in Dallas at the workshop. I got a lot out of it and feel recharged, but it is good to be back. Dallas was experiencing some "minor wind" when we came in to land and I got to experience quite the rollercoaster ride at 1,000 feet. On one drop coming around a bank things got a little hairy, the boyscout troop 3 rows up cheered and the little girl to my right got a little sick on the seat in front of her, it was intense. Once on the ground everything was great, I definitely miss Texas. It was good to be back for a bit. I snuck out of the workshop for a bit to grab a bite to eat with some of my old classmates from Ringling. We went to this place... it was great.

Lately after work I have had a hard time doing any work that takes too much thought. I decided I can keep up with doing studies, trying to do small color pieces to expand my normal palette that I would work on. These have been fun and I have a bunch more to toss up. This is a study of a Frederick Church landscape.

And here is a sketch from today, I have some ideas for how it will end up, lets see if it gets there.

Thanks for stopping by, more updates soon!


Yashar said...

Love that landscape sketch - great broad strokes picture. It's got personality.

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble getting the images from my home computer,but it was good to hear about your trip. I saw them,finally, from Jared's computer. sd