Thursday, July 19, 2007

rats and roaches and things coming up the drain...

Another update on the run. Here are some photos I took of the apartment I am renting for the summer. It has worked out well and I have it set up with 3 sections. A painting studio, a drawing/digital painting cubicle, and the reading lounge. I split up my time between them. I am pretty sure now that there is a mouse or rat in here though and I don't have air conditioning. Every once in a while I will hear a little noise or some scurrying in the kitchen and I have to grab the beating stick. anyway...

(update) I wrote this draft 2 weeks ago and then lost internet access. In the interim I found out it wasn't a mouse or a rat in the kitchen (Though I am pretty sure there were some mice around, due to holes bitten out of boxes of food) but one night I was trying to finish up some paintings and I thought the mice were at it again. I gathered up pencils, pens, tape, a battery, etc. and when I heard the noise in the kitchen I would throw something in there and the noise would go away. I got so fed up with that process that I camped out on the kitchen counter and waited. I won't go into the details here but something was living in my stove/oven. It was either a huge bat or a camel spider. I fought the good fight and lost.

Back home now getting ready to head down to Florida.

the warzone-
the fancy reading lounge-

painting studio-

old tank thing -


Anonymous said...

Love the paintings of Megan.

emcguire said...

yeah, the new painting looks really nice. I like your set up, looks cozy in that dalluhn kinda way. See you when you get back

Anonymous said...

matthew i heard you are back in florida. well.....see ya later. good luck with your last year!!!