Monday, December 04, 2006

New website!

Well my re-designed site is up and 99% of it actually works. check it out... It is a huge download, but it is up and I can slowly start to fix things and update as needed. I am glad to have that done with.

In other news, I haven't got an electrical shock since I was in kindergarten and my class went to a farm for a field trip. They said "whatever you do, don't touch the top wire of the bull's pen." the first thing I did when I got over there was go grab it to see what was up. The rest of that day sucked. Anyway, just now in the last two weeks I have been shocked twice. One time out of a wall socket and just now I went to turn on a lamp in the living room and when I did, my hand was on some wires coming out the back. I have a dull tingly feeling in my arm up to my elbow and there is a tiny spot on my thumb that feels like it is on fire.



Anonymous said...

Suggestion: throw the lamp in the trash and get a new one. sd

Anonymous said...

It is not too late to revise your Christmas list to include a new lamp.

Jamie Pogue said...

Your website pwns mine. Looks really professional and definitely represents you. Great jorb.