Sunday, November 19, 2006

mars volta troubles and a coffee maker

Here is the more or less finished version of my drawing for the next illustration assignment, it is Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta and a lot of imagery from their albums as the backdrop.

I had a lot of fun on the drawing, and now I am trying to work my way through the painting...
this is a work in progress.
oh, and here is a painting of my coffee pot (done in painter) when we turn on the blue lights in our apartment. I still have to finish this one up too...

back to work


off said...

The back ground colors for the Mars Volta work should be Puce, Magenta and a touch of brillant yellow.

Anonymous said...

geez louise. continually impressed.

would love to see more pencil work. it's got such a nice touch.

a to the j to the o

Anonymous said...

Your regular Andy Worhall with the "every day object" painting. Renew whats old, overlooked and under appreciated.