Monday, July 24, 2006

newer'ish stuff

I didn't have internet the whole time I was working Pre-College so there really was no convenient way to update this thing. Everything is better now.

Pre-College was a great experience to say the least. I don't really remember specifics but I have a vague idea of the whole month and it is a good feeling. Over 30 days without a day off but I didn't even feel like I was working.

The sketches are from just before I got down to Sarasota and the first week of precollege. The digital painting was a quick demo that I did and re-worked a little bit today. The watercolor painting is a birthday present for my mom that I spent 45 seconds re-working in painter just a minute ago. It is supposed to be a cartoon version of a younger me on a combination of a tricycle and my current bike, I am biking back to Minnesota to give my mom a present for her birthday. really though, I am stuck in Sarasota.

I will get some other stuff scanned, but I made my own sketchbook and am excited to get to work in it. so until next time...


emcguire said...

The birthday painting turned out really nice, was the tone at the top added in painter? I think that helps the rest of the image a lot

bart said...

I like this serie of drawings very much! Great work! More of this!